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80 Java Tips

Java SE Tips / java.lang

How to use generics
Variable arity methods
Covariant return types

Java SE Tips /

Implementing a file browser in Java

Java SE Tips / java.util

Scanning text with java.util.Scanner
How to get current date time?

Java SE Tips / java.awt.image

Styling digital images with CONVOLVEOP

Java ME Tips / MIDP

Unable to find a package while compiling a program in the Sun Wireless Toolkit
Playing MP3 files from your server on J2ME devices
Playing MP3 from your local file on J2ME devices
Finding multimedia content-type support of a mobile device
Launching a Midlet from another Midlet
How to get the size of mobile screen
Opening and reading a file on the mobile device
How to download an image from a web server

Java EE Tips / javax.servlet

How to work with ServletContextAttributeListener
How to work with ServletContextListener
How to work with ServletContext initilization parameters
How to set a servlet's session time in web.xml
How to handle status code errors in web.xml
How to maintain client session in servlets
How to write a servlet filter which doesn't allow caching
How to write servlet filters
How to write a servlet that performs JNDI Opertaions
Difference between encodeURL and sendRiderct methods
How to use cookies in a servlet
Servlet for reading headers in a HTTP request
How to write a thread-safe servlet
Servlet that reads form data and process it
Servlet that automatically refreshes
Example of Servlet Chaining
Servlet that returns an HTTP error code as page response
How to write a servlet that works with initilization parameters
How to write a simple servlet

Other API Tips / JDBC

How to store/retrieve image to/from SQLServer
How to get auto-generated keys from Java class
How to execute a batch process with JDBC
Creating savepoints for database connections using JDBC
How to exceute Batch process from PreparedStatement
How to create database tables using JDBC
How to create a table with ForeignKeys from JDBC
How to insert Data in table with the help of JDBC
How to connect Microsoft Sql Server using JDBC
Import Data from Txt or CSV files into MYSQL database tables

Other API Tips / Weka

I get the same sequence of random numbers. Can I specify random seeds to random number generator
Does arff supports multi-label data and multi-label classification
How can I set the cost matrix
How do I discretize an attribute independent of the class or discretize a class attribute
How do I discretize an attribute using the class
How do I represent missing values in ARFF file format
ARFF file gives error or fails to load
Where can I find datasets in arff format
What is arff format
How can I visualize the output using fancy graphs and figures in Weka?
During clustering how do I know what particular instances belong to which clusters
What is clustering
What are association rules
What is relative absolute error and relative root squared error for nominal data
What is mean absolute error for nominal data
What is root mean squared error for nominal data
How can I use 2-class distribution classifiers (binary classifiers) on multi-class datasets
I have some question on Bayesian Network Classifiers, what do I do
What are the classes which can be used for combining the predictions of heterogeneous ensemble
Does there exists any implementation of regression trees in WEKA, just as CART
Where is the Support Vector Machine classifier
Where is the Neural Network classifier
How do I make a classifier cost-sensitive
How do I use regression classifiers for classification
I am not able to find the class 'DistributionClassifier'
How do I use method CfsSubsetEval
How do I do feature(attribute) selection programmatically
How do I remove certain attributes from the dataset
How to plot multiple ROC's on a single plot
How to run Weka from Eclipse
Using a Big data set and I get: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. What can i do
How do I get prediction for instances in a test set
How do I load a model
How do I save a model
How to evaluate clustering methods on a dataset from command line
How to give base-classifier specific options
How to evaluate classifier on a dataset from command line
What is the best way to get familiar with Weka

New Categories in Java Applications Section

J2EE Server
Servlet Engine
XML Editor
Database Engines
Java Installer Builder
Modelling Tool

New Categories in Java Libraries Section

Source Code Formatter

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