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Board Rules Moon Landings Were Faked

Board of Education Rules Moon Landings Were Faked

Pennsylvania Board of Education
October 16, 2005

DOOFER, PA - The Pennsylvania Board of Education, announced today (October 16, 2005) during a special press conference they now support the theory that the United States’ Government faked all six moon landings of the 1960s and 70s. Therefore they have made arrangements to start teaching that NASA’s moon missions were staged on earth as part of the 9th grade history curriculum when classes resume after the Christmas break.

When Patty Bryson, the acting chairperson, told reporters and parents the results of their year long debate on the subject had concluded the moon landings were faked, there was an immediate outpour of emotions. People were literally screaming at the committee members demanding that they reverse their decision. Nevertheless, the school board refused, stating they had taken every step necessary to ensure they had made the right decision.

Doctor Jim Dickle a committee member and parent of a Doofer Pennsylvania High School sophomore, stated "We have taken every itty bitty piece of available data into account and have concluded that we agree with Charles Hawkins’ claims that there is no solid scientific proof that Americans have ever landed men on the moon". Why would the Board of Education even make such a controversial change to the student’s educational curriculum?

This ordeal all started when the school board was pressured to form an investigative committee that would include their best scientists, doctors and engineers capable of disputing claims being made by Charles Hawkins’ NASA’s most notable opponent.

For some unknown reason Charles Hawkins’ book titled “How America Faked the Moon Landings” had gained widespread popularity with students by claiming to offer an abundance of scientific evidence proving NASA faked the moon landings, which Hawkins claims no teacher or scientist can dispute. Shortly after the book began circulating around school, students started testing Hawkins theories out on their teachers. Once the students discovered none of their teachers had any explanation for the problems with NASA’s evidence, they instinctively picked up on the teacher’s confusion and began demanding answers from both the school facility and their parents.
When the students informed their parents about the problem at schools over NASA’s moon landing story a few concerned parents organized a group calling itself "Parents for Truth". The group then petitioned the school board to form an investigation committee to find answers that would explain the unusual gaps in the NASA Moon Landings evidence.

Melanie Spokes, speaking on behalf of the “Parents for Truth” group, said in a statement that "the children deserve the best possible education and should therefore be allowed to hear both sides". NASA’s evidence supporting manned missions to the moon has many serious errors that can not be explained and it’s important all students should be made aware of these gaps. Because our students of today will certainly have to make critical decisions in the future based on this evidence and if there is any error or misrepresentation on NASA’s part the students need to know.
Melanie then recited a quote from Charles Hawkins book that sounded more like some kind of prayer ritual. It was where Hawkins said, “[u]NASA's responses to his hoax allegation would be outrageously funny if they were not such serious issues for the entire world's scientific well being[/u]". Later another Hoax Theory supporter was quoted as saying "There are probably over 500 different pieces of evidence in Charles Hawkins book proving how NASA could have easily faked the moon landings. How can we just sit back and do nothing about it?”

Dr. Jim Dickle, said the original intent of the investigation team was clearly to disprove the allegations in Hawkins book titled “How America Faked the Moon Landings.
Because the investigative committee team was formed and supported by the Pennsylvania Board of Education everyone devoted extra time to do a very thorough job. They spent over seven months reviewing Hawkins theories about how NASA staged the moon landings here on earth. Their independent scientific investigation included reviewing all the questionable images; mission transcripts; equipment discrepancies and the comprehensive geological survey of more than 800 pounds of material NASA says it returned from the moon. Their investigation also extensively interviewed the Apollo mission astronauts, ground control personnel and program managers about Hawkins evidence suggesting the moon landings were faked.

Dr. Dickle pointed out that first hand accounts from people alleged to have actually been on the moon are suspiciously insufficient, adding that he personally no longer believes any of the Apollo Astronauts’ claims to have stepped foot on the moon.

A number of parents at the meeting expressed outrage to the school board’s decision, claiming that virtually no scientists or historians doubt that the moon landings actually took place. They pointed to what they characterized as overwhelming physical evidence. Referencing to the test results of an equipment experiment which calculate the distance to the moon by reflecting a laser beam off mirrors the Apollo Astronauts left on the moon surface. Also the moon rock samples that they said could not have been produced on earth.

The board took note of these objections, but defended the new curriculum. Saying that evidence of any equipment being left on the moon clearly does not prove humans were ever there, using the Mars Rovers as a perfect example. As far as the “moon rocks” they agree with Charles Hawkins findings indicating they are counterfeits fabricated here on Earth. On a final note the School board members stated they would keep an open mind while continuing to critically review all sides of any theory.

Although this may appear to be an amazing victory for Charles Hawkins and his fellow hoax conspirators, the fight is far from over. Since the majority of parents are still convinced NASA is telling the truth and nothing but the truth. Furthermore, most scientists are just beginning to question how Charles Hawkins formed his radical theories. However that is likely to change now that Hawkins has mysteriously sparked a new scientific interest with the people. Something NASA has been trying to do unsuccessfully for the last few decades.

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Comment who knows who cares we will all be dead in 120yrs and our lies will be read and believed by the next generation.

Fri Apr 21, 2006 6:16 am MST by human

Comment This a piece of satire I wrote for my blog, It's a spoof on the nature of the "intelligent design" court case that recently took place is Dover, PA.

Thu Apr 6, 2006 5:06 pm MST by Chris

Comment I could not find Doofer, PA either. But then my father told me that "Doofer" is a slange word for "dummy" and the editor was just making fun of the DOVER, PA school board for doing this. Calling them dummies. It was the very radical school board of Dover, Penn. where this took place.

Wed Jan 11, 2006 8:54 am MST by jeff

Comment really its a great article, and it has put a validation on moon landing can i get details of the reasrch works done in this regard. thanks

Sat Jan 7, 2006 9:38 am MST by pravin mishra

Comment There is no "Doofer, PA" in Google Maps., But nice spoof.

Thu Dec 29, 2005 4:42 pm MST by Anonymous

Comment I did not think this article was true either at first so I called the PV Board of Education ask them. They told me this story is true and that they really think the moon landings were stage here on earth and NASA is lying about everything.

Mon Dec 5, 2005 8:50 pm MST by Emile

Comment Is this story for real?

Mon Dec 5, 2005 8:35 pm MST by Koizumi

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