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KENDAHL: Hey Babe i love you to death! you have always always been there for me and listened when no one else would you are a great friend to have! you also can always make me smile and you brighten up a room when you are in it! You're cute and spontaneous and can get any guy you want you rock and dont let anyone tell you that you dont! Thank for always making me feel better when i was down and for always making me fell good! Stay Sweet!
SHANNON; HEY ROCKSTAR! Hockey groupies forever.... i am going to make sure im here for all the games! just to let ya know i love you tons!Thanks for all the great times! we always manage to have fun when we're together (and usually break most of the rules while doing so lol) you can always make me laugh. You better start answering your cell phone so i can talk to you! loser! jk you know i love you keep on being yourself and keep on not taking crap from anyone i know where to go for a good time!
MEGAN H;Hey Froggy you are the best you always listened and made me smile! We have great memories and i also have some great pictures lol. Remember the french frie picture? hehe makes me laugh everytime! You always make me forget about everything else and just have fun theres no possible way to not end up laughing way hard when im with you. it sux we didnt get to hang out before i left but as soon as possible we are going to! i love you sooooo much and i wont ever ever forget you
ABBEY; Hello my name is bruce... lol hey ! you are one of the funniest people i know we are so stupid lol we do the dumbest craziest stuff we think is hilarious that no one else can even begin to understand i love you and dont ever change i will never forget our little songs and also about the "peas" and chinese accents! dont forget about individual wrapped squares of toilet paper!! you can always get them at mini mart if you need em!! lol!
LAURA: Lew Lew! without a doubt you are one of the sweetest girls! We always made eachother smile! dont ever let your milk get that sour again! whenever i eat a donut i think of you lol its like a disease! the 4th of july was one of my favorite days out of the whooooooole summer thanks a ton for great memories! dont ever ever change you are the best and dont let anyone tell you that you arent because they are dead wrong!
NIKKEYA: Hey keya you are awesome! im going to miss sitting on the bus and talking to you every morning! You always made me laugh ! try not to eat too many more dandelions and pinecones okay? lol luv you!
also to kelsey
Hey kelsey you are awesome and way fun to be around the summer before 8th grade was the best! Keep rollin like your in vegas! i love ya

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