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History of Fibromyalgia

In 1997, medical books, including those studied in college did not even recognize fibromyalgia. The reason lay behind health experts? inability to see fibromyalgia as a medical related problem. Rather, experts deemed fibromyalgia more along the lines as psychosomatic or psychiatric based problems. Often patients were referred to mental health facilities for evaluation. Since experts in health-care sectors viewed fibromyalgia as a mental or emotional problem, at what time the patients returned to the doctor office begging for answers, the doctors would issue tests, prescribed medications, and recommend that the patient undergo five years of studies. After the five years of study the doctor(s) would either deduce, or diagnose the patient with fibromyalgia, or else, again disregard the symptoms as psychosomatic related.

At what time doctors began to notice that medications were causing unruly side effects, however, doctors began to speculate. The speculation took on a new expedition, which led to research and ongoing studies about the causes of fibromyalgia. The studies pointed more into the direction of medical related issues vs. psychosomatic or psychiatric problems.

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