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Sexuality and Marriage

Sex is an important aspect is our lives. It forms a crucial part of human nature. There are no specific rules or guidelines to define what is normal in sexual practices, frequency, or stimulation between a man and a woman.

Sex also contributes greatly to a healthy married life. A scarce amount of sex in your married life could be the result of several health reasons.

Health & related issues are major causes for loss of sex drive in couples who once enjoyed a healthy and exciting sex life.

For women, the onset of peri-menopause and, menopause itself, can hinder a physical relation that was once very active.

Dryness & soreness also affect many women during and after menopause. As the level of hormone production decreases, the vagina loses a great deal of its natural lubrication, making intercourse uncomfortable and sore.

Women should refer to their gynecologist and ask for a prescription for suppository crèmes that helps in restoring natural moisture.

A lowered level of the sex-drive hormone testosterone can also be a cause of loss of sexual desire for women as well as men. Testosterone is the hormone which prompts the urge for sex in both sexes.

Men with prostate problems also face difficulties and pain upon ejaculation or after having sex. They should discuss the problem with their physician who may prescribe them appropriate medication.

One most important element, however, is the understanding and compassion for your partner. Treatments are of no use if this element is missing in your married life.

It must be understood that problems come in every married life and they do go away. But, everything takes time. Simple Hugs & Kisses take the relationship long way. Making love is more than having sex and your efforts and patience can surely bring the spark back in both of your lives.

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